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The Salvation Army’s Children’s Services

Every child, from birth to twenty one years of age, deserves a safe, loving, and caring home. The Salvation Army Children’s Services: Foster Care and Adoption Program helps connect children with safe, loving, and caring homes and families. Our mission is doing the most good by nurturing children, strengthening families & engaging communities. Our commitment extends beyond finding stable, nurturing homes for children to supporting prospective foster and adoptive parents throughout their journey to become Resource Parents. To achieve these goals, The Salvation Army Children’s Services offers a variety of foster care and adoption options and services.

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Foster Care Services

The Salvation Army offers three types of foster care.

  • Regular Foster Care: Foster parents provide for the temporary care for children who require out of home care.
  • Respite Foster Care: Respite families provide short term care to foster parents who are already caring for children.
  • Foster-Adopt (Legal Risk): Foster parents provide care for a child on a temporary basis but are open to adoption should the child become legally free for adoption.

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Adoption Services

The Salvation Army offers the following adoption services:

    • Child Prep which prepares the child for the adoption.
    • Child Profile which summarizes the Childs background and special needs.
    • Family Profile which is a home study to evaluate the potential adoptive family and Finalization which is the final application steps leading to the adoption.
    • Matching which involves sharing information about your family with agencies responsible for children available for adoption in PA through The Statewide Adoption & Permanency Network (SWAN).
    • Post Adoption Services to aid in supporting the needs of the child and family post adoption.
    • Home Studies for families who are working toward private domestic and international adoptions.
    • For information about locating a birth child or birth parent through The Salvation Army, please CLICK HERE

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HALO Project

The Salvation Army Children’s Services is proud to offer the groundbreaking HALO Project program to support families and their foster and adoptive children who exhibit difficulty in the area of attachment.

Recognizing that children who have experienced trauma often require more than counseling to heal and to reach their full potential,  the HALO Project unites parents, counselors, psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, volunteers, and the medical community in a powerful program to meet the unique needs of these special children and their families.